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Mark Your Calendars

Basketball Registration is Oct. 15 - Nov. 15th.  All registration will be held online including payment.



Please check out all the sponsors on the Sponsor page of our website.  These companies donate hundreds of dollars to SFSA to support youth sports and help keep the cost down to parents.  Most are small local businesses so please get out and support these businesses as they support us!

Fall Baseball and Softball

Practice should start the week of Sept. 7th. Games should start the week of Sept. 22.  The season will end on or before October 29th.


Board Contact Information

Elected Members






Curent Board Members

President - Tommy Hallmark

Vice President - Michael Larson

Treasurer- Shannon Murphy

Secretary - Leigh Walker

Baseball - Justin Caron

Softball - Gregg Wood

Football - Pete DiMario

Basketball -

Check our FB pages for information about local camps this summer

Football Medical News


It is imperative that your head coach be aware of ANY medical / non threatening medical issues that may arise before, during, or after football practices or games. You must inform your child's head coach of these issues in writing. Examples of medical issues are asthma, migraine headaches, allergies, etc. Examples of non threatening medical issues may be hurt arm/ leg, bruising, cuts, etc. 

If your child has NO health issues that your coach needs to be aware of, you must put this in writing also.

I am asking each parent or guardian responsible for a child playing Spanish Fort Youth Football- ALL age groups, to put this in writing to your HEAD coach via e- mail or handwritten no later than Monday, Aug. 25. If your head coach has not received written notification from you by this date, your child WILL NOT participate in practice or games until it is received. Remember, if your child has no medical issues or non threatening medical issues we must have this in writing also.

Communication is key to your child's success. We are trying to keep each child safe, healthy, and happy during his time playing youth football. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at petedimario@yahoo.comand I will address these concerns ASAP. Thank you.

Go Toros,
Pete DiMario

Concession Stands Now taking Credit/Debit Cards

SFSA has just invested in new equipment to allow us to take credit and debit cards in the concession stands at both the SFES park and Spirit Park. 

Game Weather Update

Rain Delay



UPDATES provided by 4PM whenever possible

Spirit Park  

SF Elementary Park

Malbis Park



Boys Baseball

Football and Cheerleading

Girls Softball

Girls Softball